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At OLIVA, we believe in a discovery process that places clients on a path to self-discovery leading them to solutions.  Working together, our approach is team-based, providing clients with the right combination of backgrounds and expertise, leading to real, sustainable results.

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The best solutions come from an inclusive approach, bridging gaps to social and economic progress.

Myriane Ouellette


Hailing from Manitoba’s francophone community, Myriane is devoted to the influence of the Francophonie and her adoptive community. After completing a master’s degree in public administration at the Université de Moncton, she has over twelve years of experience in the non-profit and tourism sectors and the public service.

Her keen eye for observation and her strong analytical and organizational strategy development skills allow her to quickly grasp the challenges of her clients in an ever-changing environment. As comfortable in the private sector as in small and medium-sized businesses or non-profit organizations,

Myriane draws inspiration from the cultures of the organizations she works with and puts them on a growth path by defining their added value.


Passionate about the field of facilitation, the organization of open forums and the development of collaboration tools, Myriane constantly challenges her expertise and commitment in organizational culture through an on-going process of training and skill development.

Her participation in numerous charitable activities and boards of directors has allowed her to better understand the synergies between the different players of the economic and community development ecosystem. A true woman of heart, Myriane is proud to have participated in the founding of OLIVA to continue her commitment to the community.


Janice Goguen 

Both in her personal and professional life, Janice is goal-driven. Having completed 13 marathons, including Boston, New York and Paris, she sets an annual calendar of competitive events that involves running, cycling and triathlon.

Janice applies this same degree of determination when it comes to her clients. An effective leader who works with both small and medium-sized businesses as well as non-profit organizations, Janice has a unique gift of engaging diverse groups and stakeholders and directing them to attainable goals.

By applying her well-honed capacity for strategic vision, she routinely sets realistic objectives and tactics tailored to the needs of her clients to support them along their path towards growth.


Equipped with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Communication from the University of Ottawa, Janice has also gained experience through national and international assignments, as well as training in financial management and leadership, in strategic planning, policy and the development of global markets sponsored by the public service.

After 30 years with federal agencies with provincial, regional and national mandates and six years serving private sector clients, Janice now brings her economic development skills and unique leadership to Oliva Strategies Group clients.


Camille Derelle

A long-time travel enthusiast, Camille decided at an early age to work in a field that would allow her to discover different cultures. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Leisure, Culture and Tourism at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Camille became an analyst at the Tourism Intelligence Network. She has developed a heightened understanding of the tourism sector and is passionate about studying tourism industry trends.

After visiting nearly fifty countries, she fell under the spell of Acadie and decided to settle there in 2016. Since then, she has worked as a tourism development strategist to support the region’s various tourism stakeholders, their desire to increase the number of visitors and improve the quality of their offer.



Camille prefers working with clients at different stages of development, having worked with operators, municipalities, tourism and sector associations as well as provincial and federal departments.

Equipped with a sharp analytical mind and always on the lookout for the latest tourist news, Camille relies on rigorous research methodologies to develop strategies adapted to the realities of the organizations she supports.

Within the Oliva Strategies Group, her goal is to participate in the positioning of New Brunswick and the Maritimes as key tourist destinations in the international market.


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